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Hackers In Residence Program


The purpose of the Hackers in Residence (HIR) program is to provide residential agglomeration at Nkwashi by creating economic opportunity from living within the city.

The HIR will host a cohort of ambitious, smart, and entrepreneurial engineers at the Nkwashi site. It will provide them with housing, training, supplies, and a living stipend for them to study and learn software development and job skills. It will then help them find remote work and support them as they learn to contribute to a global workforce. It aims to attract talent to the city, provide them access to a well-paying job, and settle them as early residents of the city.

Roles & Responsibilities

DoubleGDP's HIR's Commitment

  • Provide housing (a house or two at Nkwashi) that has:
    • A high-speed and stable internet connection that meets these minimum requirements
    • Stable power supply 24/7 to optimize learning
  • Provide a $100 monthly food stipend
  • Provide a $200 living stipend for student residents
  • Conducive work environment
  • If necessary, help direct potential candidates into Microverse's application process
  • Help with job search and placement -- identifying companies and roles that may be interested, help to fashion LinkedIn or GitHub profiles. Provide a good path for them to stay and live in the city.
  • Provide access to a laptop for the duration of the program

Microverse's Commitment

  • Reach out to existing Microverse applicants to help get first 2 student residents (we have some Zambian applicants already in our pipeline)
  • Run applicants through our technical and soft skill selection process
  • Prioritize spots for our 1-2 student residents in our March cohort
  • Provide a ~10-month learning experience where students will learn to become remote, professional web developers and land a job
  • Job search curriculum and life-time job career coach support

Student Resident's Commitment

  • All Microverse student commitments, including attendance, professionalism, etc.
  • Microverse Program Hours: 9 am - 6:15 pm, Zambia time
  • Agree to live together at Nkwashi during the course of the program
  • Participate in building the city's economy and culture
  • Help attract new residents by becoming an Nkwashi Ambassador, using the Brand Ambassador Playbook
  • Consider (but not commit to) continuing to live at Nkwashi once employed

Nkwashi Commitments

Provide the Hackers in Residence with:

  • Power & water supply
  • Help with internet connection, if needed
  • Roads or transportation
  • Welcome the hackers into Nkwashi community

HIR Applicant Journey

  1. Submit initial application on Microverse
  2. Pass Coding Challenges with Microverse
  3. Submit satisfactory Check-in on Microverse
  4. Fill out HIR application
  5. Complete and pass virtual interview with DoubleGDP CSM team
  6. Pass Coding Trials with Microverse
  7. Get accepted or rejected from the HIR Program
  8. Acceptance call from Microverse
  9. Register as student
  10. Get assigned to next cohort
  11. Move into Nkwashi

Note: External and internal communication plan (including email templates) and ads can be found here.

HIR Onboarding Process

  • Sign HIR the Terms & Conditions
  • Register as a student with Microverse
  • Receive and set-up laptop
  • Share Brand Ambassador Playbook
  • Attend Brand Ambassador Workshop
  • Introduction meeting between Chena, the artists and the hackers
  • Move into Nkwashi
  • Complete HIR Bank Details for Wise transfers.

HIR Program Roles

HIR Program Manager

Duties include:

  • Recruiting the hackers, including taking the final decision on recruitment (note: Doublegdp's CEO can veto any decision)
  • Onboarding the hackers
  • Promoting the HIR Program from DoubleGDP and Nkwashi social media channels
  • Supporting the hackers in any educational or personal challenge they may encounter
  • Coordinating stipend payments
  • Overall project management of the HIR program at Nkwashi

HIR On-site Coordinators

Duties include:

  • Purchasing equipment for the hackers, including laptops and furniture
  • Liaison between HIR program manager and hackers to address on-site issues

Marketing: Promoting the HIR Program

The HIR Program Coordinator is in charge of promoting the HIR Program. The main components of the program promotion include: