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Main gate setup

Main Gate Setup

In order to set up a station that functions and enables the security detail to provide efficient, quick and secure Gate Access to all patrons affiliated with the community, the following needs to be taken into consideration.



DoubleGDP has provided a mens’ and womens’ portable toilets near the guard house. They are serviced every two weeks by Sanitech.

Desks and Chairs

To get all residents, clients and contractors who regularly visit the enrolled onto the DoubleGDP Application it is important to set up a comfortable working space. A simple working space with desk, chairs and adaptor for power plug ins (for example the laptops and printer that prints out ID Cards for clients and residents) is enough to make a productive working environment.

Smart Phones

For the DoubleGDP application to be used and run effectively a phone is a must-have and in the case of an accidental incident occurring or the phone not responding, a second phone is kept at the station to ensure that there is always a fallback plan.


If the gate does not have a readily available power supply, provide a battery pack to keep the phones charged. (Anker is a good option.) If the battery cannot be charged at the gate, we will need to provide two and define a process for them to be swapped and charged on a regular basis.

Internet Access

Running the application relies on having constant stable internet access. The phone is currently powered by mobile data to provide all around the clock internet access. Data Bundles are purchased from MTN and Airtel.

To be more cost efficient and assured that the Guards phone is always connected to the internet, Mobile Data is prioritised as the Guards phone is always at site and in use. The phone is dual sim card holder and both Airtel and MTN are used for data usage.

The document on this information is here:

Data balance for Airtel can be checked by dialing *575# and following the prompts.

Data balance for MTN can be checked by dialing *777# and following the prompts.

Set Reminder on Calendar

It is vital that the guards and custodians smart phones are always connected to the internet, set a monthly reminder on your calendar so as not to forget to purchase the data bundles they need to fulfill their work and also to avoid unnecessary use of paper backup (mentioned below) and no recorded information for that particular day(s).

Paper Backup

In the event that access to the internet is interrupted, a Manual Log is required. This still documents the flow of traffic in and out of the community. Centralised administration of phones been used by guards, installing Hexnode on the phones enables the organization to control the device remotely and restrict data usage. The Manual Log used here;

Ciudad Morazan

Smart Phone

The smart phones that the guards use must have power and internet access at all times for the entry process to run optimally.

The smart phone data is renewed every two weeks. Tracking the data renewal will be done in this spreadsheet and customer success team shall send reminders sent to the key stakeholders.

Link Text


We use Hexnode on phones provided to security guards by DoubleGDP in order to simplify the interface, allow remote management of the phone, and prevent access to non-DoubleGDP applications that may drain the battery or use up a data plan. It is recommended to add Hexnode to phones after a few iterations of an initial deployment, because the restrictions introduced in Hexnode also limit maneuverability to detect and address issues that may come in the deployment. Once a process has been introduced and is successful, it can be reinforced with Hexnode.

Hexnode setup

When we do set up Hexnode, here's a high level of our configuration. (This is recreated from memory, and should be elaborated upon the next time we go through the process. The Hexnode support team was instrumental in setting it up the first time and is very responsive.)

  1. Install the Hexnode app on the phone, and Enroll the device. Instructions are in Hexnode.
  2. We have a Policy called GuardPhone-1.01 that has the configuration. You'll need to installer
  3. Test to ensure it works.
    • Confirm guards still have access to the app,
    • can connect to the internet,
    • can place and receive calls from within the app. (Not sure if they will have access to phone outside of app)
  4. Give the device a name using the Manage tab. e.g. "-gate-phone-<#>"
  5. Start a Remote View to ensure access

NB: Our login to the Hexnode interface is available in the Engineering vault of OnePassword, and the setup accessed via