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Brand Guidelines

This handbook page includes information about our brand, and guidelines on using our name and logo externally.


The name of our company is 'DoubleGDP' with the D & GDP capitalized and no spaces between the 'Double' and 'GDP'. We use 'DGDP' as a shortcut - but be careful to use this only when in a context where it is clear that you are referring to DoubleGDP.

Incorrect usage: - "Double GDP" X - "Doublegdp" X - "doublegdp" X

Correct Usage: - DoubleGDP ✓ - DGDP ✓

Do we brand our app?

We include a “Powered by DoubleGDP” tag in the app, but want all branding to focus on our customers’ communities. There are enough new concepts for residents of new cities to grapple with, and explaining “who is DoubleGDP” is not something we want to introduce into the equation at this point. Better for people to associate our application on the innovation of the community itself.

We should think of our brand as important to entrepreneurs building new cities. This community is small enough that we do not think it’s necessary to have a consumer facing brand.

Company letterhead

Our company Letterhead can be accessed here. This is read-only; make a copy to edit


We use the following logos at DoubleGDP. When using the logos, please keep space between the logo and other images or text. Generally a good amount of separation space is the size of the DoubleGDP 'house' away from the logo

  • Logo 1, The DoubleGDP house:
    DGDP Logo
  • Logo 2, The DoubleGDP house with text, orange:
  • Logo 3, The DoubleGDP house with text, black

Marketing Assets

Company assets, including full resolution versions of the logo, are available in our Marketing Assets shared drive