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Social Media


DoubleGDP has the following social media accounts:

We also have some social media presence through our Artists In Residence program. Those are listed here.


Purpose of building a Twitter presence

  • Build a network of people interested in building new cities
  • Increase visibility and credibility in the tech scene.
  • Leverage already existing connections and affiliations (by following and getting followed by industry leaders).

General Twitter Guidelines

  • Tweet from @2xgdp account
  • Keep the tweet concise.
  • Limit hashtags to 1-2 per Tweet.
  • Include a clear call-to-action where applicable (i.e.” Read the full story here”).
  • Have a conversational, informative and optimistic tone. Avoid snarky or cynical tone.
  • Monitor events and trending conversations to tweet appropriately.
  • Use images, GIFs, and/or videos whenever possible.
  • Use emojis to add emotion when it applies.
  • Ask questions and run polls (see poll ideas here
  • Do not express political views.

Tweet Approval Process

  • All tweets should be posted to the Tweet Slack channel for approval.
  • Tweets are to be approved by Nolan, Doreen or Minza.
  • The main account handler is Doreen, although any team member can submit tweets.

At which frequency should we tweet?

  • 1 to 2 times a week, in addition to our bi-weekly sprint updates

Who should we follow?

  • C-level and executives from successful and interesting start-ups.
  • Key stakeholders from the start-up scene.
  • New Cities / Charter Cities organizations, leaders, and influencers.
  • Global Business magazines.
  • Media platforms focused on tech, emerging markets and urbanization (i.e. Techpoint Africa, TechCrunch, etc).

What should we tweet?

  • Product updates and app features: #FridayFeature.
  • Nkwashi news.
  • Media content from events taking place at Nkwashi (i.e. marathon, AIR events, Little Explorers, etc).
  • Original blog posts (note: format links with Bitly).
  • Blog posts and news articles written by other platforms about: Urbanization in emerging markets, New Cities, and community building.

About hashtags

  • For tweets related to events at Nkwashi, the hashtag #liveatnkwashi should be used.
  • For tweets related to news at Nkwashi, the hashtag #Nkwashicity should be used.
  • For tweets related to news about New Cities, hashtags related to the post itself can be used (i.e. #appoloniacity #newcities #chartercities).

Sprint Updates

At the end of each sprint, CEO posts an update to a variety of social media channels. Here is the process:

  1. Videos from each teammate are complete by AM on the Wednesday of the sprint end. See demo process for details on this.
  2. Confirm that all videos are compiled in a YouTube playlist titled Progress Updates YYYY-MM-DD
  3. Add CEO video as first video in playlist; reorder the others roughly with the most important / informative updates nearest the top
  4. Post the video and 1-2 highlights to Twitter from the @2xgdp account. Add #newcities and #remotework hashtags.
  5. CEO retweets from his personal account and [EA:] using Hootsuite, schedules the same post in our other media channels: including Facebook: DoubleGDP, LinkedIn: DoubleGDP, and LinkedIn: nolanmyers.