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Note taking

This page of the handbook outlines Partnership's method of chronicling important information about the people and organizations we meet with.

Partnership Call Process

When you have conversation with an external party on behalf of DoubleGDP, please do the following: 1. Share that you're having a Partnerships conversation in slack in the #partners-and-marketing channel. 2. Check if the external party is already listed in our CRM Airtable. If they are not, please add them. If they already are, ensure that you have the relevant context of our previous discussions by checking the notes document here: Call Notes with Potential Partners. 3. Follow the note-taking guidelines below.


We create a new tab and record notes or link to a note document here: Call Notes with Potential Partners. This document serves as our single source of truth to record all partnerships conversations. It is shared with [email protected]

For prospective partners, or contacts of DoubleGDP with recurring conversations, we list the partnership conversation in the Call Notes with Potential Partners document along with a reference to one or two documents:

  1. [Mandatory]: A document shared with [email protected] and our prospective partner where we record agenda items and high level notes with action items.
  2. [Optional]: An internal document shared with [email protected] where we share research learnings and discuss the partnership.

Once a prospective partner reaches the Opportunity stage or later, we ensure that all notes documents are also linked to an Account plan in a Gitlab epic.


Airtable serves as our Customer Relationship Manager 'CRM'. In it we track information about potential cities, contacts, and articles & reports.