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Productivity Tools

We use a variety of productivity tools in addition to those mentioned in Communications. You’re welcome to use your own private productivity tools. Here’s a list of those that the company licenses for shared productivity or for which we have company accounts:

Application Purpose
Airtable Knowledge base of articles and company contacts Manage invoices and accounts payable
Brex Company credit card
Calendly Calendar scheduling
Coursera Learning and development
CultureAmp Performance Review Tool
Digital Ocean [engineering] Remote dev environment
Docker [engineering] Containerization of packages for deployment
Earth Class Mail Manage postal mail online
Expensify Submit expenses to finance
Facebook Social media:
Figma User Interface Design:
Gitlab Source control and website hosting
Google Analytics Website traffic analytics
Google Cloud Dev tools
Google Data Studio Reporting
Google G Suite Email and office applications
Google Marketing Platform Linked org for Analytics and Data Studio
Google BigQuery Data replication via Google Cloud
Greenhouse Applicant Tracking System and job board
Gusto Payroll for US-based teammates
Heroku [engineering] Cloud application hosting
Hexnode Runs our app in kiosk mode for security guards’ phones
Hootsuite Posts to and monitors a variety of social media channels
Invision [still in use?]
LinkedIn Social media:
Loom Record and share videos easily
Material-UI React Javascript Library
Nexmo [engineering] Send SMS messages from app
OnePassword Store shared passwords and account information
PagerDuty On call schedule to receive app error / outage notifications. Trigger a notification through +1-802-990-0911
Phrase Application translation and localization
QuickBooks [finance] Manage accounting and payments
Ramp Company Credit Card for CSM
Redis [engineering] Data store, cache, and messaging
Rollbar [engineering] Detect and manage app exceptions
SendGrid Email messaging support through the app
Silicon Valley Bank [finance] Manage cash and make wire transfers
Slack Team communications & chats
Stitch Connect Heroku with BigQuery databases
Storybook React Documentation Component
Twitter [Marketing] Handles: @nolanmyers and @2xgdp
WhatsApp1 Commonly used to communicate with people in Zambia
Wise International Payments App.
YouTube Community updates in company channel
Zeplin UI Design and style guides
Zoom Video conference calls

  1. Not licensed, but commonly used for work-related activity