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Gate Access

Gate Access is a high priority for DGDP and its partner cities as we want the residents to be safe all the time. For the different cities we work with, we manage similar, but different in some parts, processes to ensure security at the gates. Follow this guidelines to manage gate access process through the cities:

Ciudad Morazán

## Guard Digital Entry Flow

  1. Open chrome, enter, and login using provided login information.
  2. If phone number is used then enter phone number and the one time code received on text.
  3. Once a visitor/guest approaches, greet them warmly and ask the visitor if they have a Digital ID or QR code available.
  4. If visitor has code, ask them to present the QR code. Select Scan on main home screen or on search bar. The phone camera will load.
  5. Point scanner to QR code and scan
  6. User profile will load on scanning
  7. If visitor/guest does not have a code, ask if they have an account. Search user’s name through the search bar on home. If visitor/guest found, select user profile.
  8. Select log this entry if account is valid.
  9. If account is not valid the user will have to be logged in manually.

Guard Manual Entry Flow

  1. If visitor/guest does not have an account or QR code then select Manual Entry.
  2. Enter Name, Phone Number, ID Number, and Vehicle Plate Number if needed.
  3. Provide reason for visit.
  4. Select Submit.
  5. Grant or Deny access and then allow entry into site.

Admin and Guards view new and previous visits

  1. Select logbook on left hand menu to view entries.
  2. View list of all entries to site and view individual entry through More Details. “Manual” indicates manual entry. “Digital Scan” indicates QR code scan. “Print” indicates search or printed ID scan.
  3. Use filter bar to search for specific entries.
  4. New visits tab shows first time visitors/guests to site.
  5. Registered Guests shows visitors/guests pre-approved by admins or residents to be on site.

For a Spanish version to train Security Guards use this presentation as a reference.