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User Guide Overview


Welcome to the DoubleGDP App user guide. This guide provides step-by-step instructions to city administrators and city residents on how to get the best from the app.

Functionality and Use Cases

Functionality Use Cases
Campaign Management System (Sales) - Schedule and send campaigns through SMS and Email to prospects
Community Engagement: Discussion - Allow your residents to share information and discuss pressing matters in the community
Community Engagement: Feedback - Gather quantitative and qualitative sentiment from residents on services
Content Management System (News) - Keep residents and prospective residents up to date with news
CRM, Customer Journey and Pipeline - Organize leads from marketing and track their journey from sales to residency - Group leads by labels, user types, and customer journey stages - Directly connect CRM to campaign management system
Emergency Reporting - When there is immediate danger, residents can use their location to get immediate emergency response - When there is no immediate danger, residents fill out an incident report so the proper authorities can follow-up and investigate
Forms and workflows - Allow administrators to design forms and workflows, assign tasks, and report on time to fulfill requests of city processes such as: - Incident Reporting - Permitting - Licensing - Business registry - City repairs - Municipal requests
Gate Access - Central identifications system for all community members and guests - Allow your security teams to control and log who enters and exists the site - Allow your security teams to add information and observation on visit activity
Maps - Show points of interest including parks, utilities, commercial centers and schools - Show plots by status (sold, available) and any construction activity to solve coordination challenges
Payments, Invoices and Collections - Create and send payment request and plans for service charges and payments - Share account statements and receipts with clients - Track cash flows, accounts receivables, non-payments, and understand trend insights
Property Registry - Track property ownership, plot details, coordinates, and valuation history - Keep a central database on which plots have been sold and are available
Service Requests and Incident Reporting - Submit requests, track status, upload documents, and receive notifications for residents
Task Management System - Create, assign, and track tasks for administrators, contractors, site workers, and guards with due dates - Send automated notifications based on different types of task events"