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User Consent and Release Form

Nkwashi App content marketing sometimes involves user stories in the form of video interviews, pictures, names, contact information and anything else that falls under the scope of personally identifiable information (PII). To execute this, we must ensure that we have proper consent from the user to use this content in the App and potentially on our YouTube channel or other media platforms in use by stakeholders.

Here is a consent form that should always be sent to users and signed by them before their content is shared on any media platforms relating to DoubleGDP. This form should be used each time we are specifically requesting materials from a user, anytime we want to take or use a photo or recording of a user, or anytime we want to do something involving a user that is above and beyond their normal interactions as a user.

Each time this form is used, DGDP will need to populate the list of materials that are being submitted by the user or that are being generated by DoubleGDP with involvement of the user. This list should be filled in as and when the need arises.

As a key stakeholder in obtaining the PII from a user, here are a few guidelines to be followed;

  • Always ensure that the key elements required for the content and what their participation will involve are clearly articulated and understood by the user.
  • There should always be a written trail of communication between you and the user pertaining to their involvement in a particular piece and that the relevant Nkwashi personnel is aware of the same.
  • The consent form should be sent to the user via email, ensuring that the right parties are CC’d in the email.
  • Once the piece being worked on is ready, it should be sent to the user to confirm that it can now be shared with the public.

NOTE: Completed agreements should be stored along with the company's contracts and should only be made accessible to DGDP personnel (i.e. not publicly available).