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Customer Success Enablement

Customer success professionals possess a unique set of skills that help our customers achieve their goals. The skillset ranges from having a deep understanding of the product and uncovering customer painpoints; articulating business needs and city processes; change management and customer experience among others.

This enablement guide provides mandatory and recommended training for the customer success team.

Tracking Progress

  1. Survey: On completing a training topic, the CSM shall complete a survey. The information will be used to improve the training process and provide reference for CSM's career development.

  2. Office-Hours Sync: During the CS sync that falls on every first Wednesday of the month, the team shall review the training progress made and share any learnings that would be beneficial to the team.

Customer Success Fundamentals

  1. Active Listening: Customer Success Managers (CSM) are constantly building relationships. Relationship management involves actively listening to the customer; understanding their needs and work processes and creating an environment where the customer feels free to reach out for assistance. In this 1-hour training, the trainers show you how to assess your current listening skills; understand the challenges to effective listening and develop the behaviors that will allow you to become a better listener.

  2. Change Management: In a CSM's world things are always changing. It could be a customer changing its business strategy or the CSM helping a businesses adopt a new product functionality. This 46-minute course covers the foundations of change management and provides basic tools that will help the CSM manage change.

  3. Communication for CSM: Working with the perspective that most CSM are in sales organizations, this training covers the most essential sales soft-skills.

  4. Customer Success Basics: What is customer success and why does it matter? This 1-hour training introduces you to key customer success concepts. Through this 1-hour training you will understand the 14 tenets of customer success and how they impact your role.

  5. Engagement Best Practices: This course takes CSMs through the processes and steps needs to ensure that both they and their customer's stakeholders are ready to proceed with making the customer's initiative successful.

  6. Generating Business Value: Having a customer-centric business outlook is critical in today’s business landscape. It is critical for customer success managers to have understand how businesses work and how value is created and measured. Through this 1-hour course the CSM can learn about the connections between customer success and business awareness, the reasons why businesses exist and how businesses create value.

  7. Leading without "Authority": Customer Success Managers (CSM) are often called on to take the lead in projects and initiatives within and outside their organization. These training resources offer guidance on how individual can exhibit leadership by influencing and motivating others

    - Course: This 41-minute course explains how to influence others when you're at the "pivot point of influence," by applying 18 scientifically confirmed methods.

    - Article: This short read explores tactics you can use to influence your organization even if you don’t hold a position of authority.

  8. Onboarding and Adoption Best Practices: This 1h 15min course takes CSM through the processes and steps needed to ensure that their customer's stakeholders are fully prepared and ready to proceed with making the customer's initiative successful.

  9. Value Realization: This 1-hour course explains how CSMs can help customers determine their outcome requirements and then maximize the value they get from their solutions, as well as measure and report on that value to prove the ROI to decision makers.

  10. What is a Customer Success Manager?: This HBR article outlines the CSM role.

Sales Fundamentals

  1. Asking Great Sales Questions: The skills presented in this 50-minute course prepare the CSM for engagement with their stakeholders. By asking the right questions, CSM can create connection, drive credibility, create urgency, and confirm value clarity—validating the business impact of our product.

  2. Discovery Process and Questions

  3. Sales Fundamentals: The skills presented in this 51-minute session covering sales fundamentals

  4. Win-Loss Analysis

Internal Processes to Support Customers

  1. Generating Timesheets: This 1-hour video covers the steps to generate timesheets for select DoubleGDP cities.

Know your Tools

  1. Gitlab: DoubleGDP uses gitLab for many important communications.

    - Handbook Update process tutorials

    - Markdown cheat sheet provides a quick overview of all the Markdown syntax elements

  2. Slack: These short 2-minute videos help you get started with Slack.

  3. Zoom Basics: Zoom is one of the most commonly used collaboration tools at DoubleGDP. This 50-minute session provides the basics that will get you started for your zoom meetings.

  4. Getting Started with Pipedrive

Remote Working Fundamentals

  1. Well-Being: The modern work environment poses many challenges to the customer success manager. Through this 41-minute training you will have an appreciation of how to leverage the connection between your well-being and productivity.

  2. Working Remotely: DoubleGDP is an all remote company, this working environment has its unique qualities. Explore this training whether you have been working remotely for several years or if this is your first remote working role.

  1. The Challenger Sale: Taking Control of the Customer Conversation by Matthew Dixon