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Team Values

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Development Team Rules

  • Process Etiquette:

  • Keep commit messages clean and readable.

  • Keep branch name and bugs readable.
  • Keep gitlab branches clean (remove old branches)
  • No MR without a Story or a bug.
  • MR must contain the link to Gitlab issue
  • Any issue that consists of both Frontend and Backend changes, an MR should only be made when both changes are completed.
  • 1 Branch per Story.
  • Only work on one story at a time
  • An issue is owned by only 1 engineer, but an issue can have multiple collaborators
  • An engineer who is the owner of an issue must ensure the issue functions properly before merging to master.
  • Do not keep a Story for more that 2 days in Build/Merge/Staging/verify without team consensus.
  • Create a MR only when you are ready to merge. Avoid 'Draft' and 'WIP'
    • Use the default MR template available on gitlab when creating a MR
    • Attach a loom video of how your code works if it involves visual changes.
    • Reach out to another engineer to help verify your feature in staging before marking it as "Staging Verified"
    • Add 2 reviewers when creating the MR.
  • If a bug is identified on staging for a story, move that ticket back to todo and do not create a new ticket for the bug
  • Code Etiquette:
  • Always leave code cleaner than when you first found it. Refactoring is good.
  • Blockers - Do not spend more than 10 mins.
  • ABT (Always Be Testing)
    • Test coverage on new feature must be 90% or above.
    • Test coverage on existing feature must never decrease.
  • Follow Rails resource routing convention when designing React pages or modals. E.g /labels, /labels/:id, /labels/new, etc.
  • Do not delete records, create a status field and flag them as 'deleted' instead, then create a default model scope to always return undeleted records.
  • Always write code that is compatible with the current production data structure. This means the code must work with the production data structure allowing for backward compatibility.
  • Always keep the JEST LOG and the CONSOLE LOG as clean as possible.

Resources Available

Resource Description
Dev Ops Playbook Deployment and debugging processes
On Call Schedule WIP through PagerDuty. Default is: Olivier during CAT working hours, Mark during ET working hours, Nolan all other times.
App Sourcecode GitLab repo, publicly available. It has a README.
Anonymized Customer Database DB based on Nkwashi customers, but with anonymized names, fake phone numbers and NRCs, and scrambled plots.

Resources We've Found Helpful

Resource Category
The Web Application Hacker's Handbook Web Security
Ethical Hacking 101: Web App Penetration Testing Web Security
Web Applications Hacking and Penetration Testing Full Course Web Security
Web Application Ethical Hacking - Penetration Testing Course for Beginners Web Security