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Engineering - UX Designer

Dexterity Strength Wisdom Charisma
UX Designer I Learning the core practice of UX design: woreframe, prototypes, surveys
Knows the basic workflow;assists with design operations of the team
Write general interactions of experiences
Design graphics user interfaces elements, like menus, tabs, and widgets
Build page navigations
Identify and troubleshoot UX problems
Gets direction from seniors or managers.
. Owns designs for clearly defined lower complexity projects.
Requires more onboarding and clear directions
Gets and utilizes design feedback . Limited scope of stakeholders to handle
Exhibit leadership in the design process by understanding DoubleGDP’s product priorities, and finding ways that design can help achieve them
UX Designer II Fluent in the UX process
Makes designs defensible with user research and other tools
Write detailed interactions of experiences
Plan and conduct user research and competitor analysis
Conduct usability testing
Create original graphic designs (e.g. images, sketches, and tables)
Create user stories, personas, and storyboards
Owns design for several features and mid-sized projects
Influence some product metrics (KPIs)
Knows when to involve other stakeholders
Articulates design decisions
Anticipates feedback
. Write detailed documentation of experiences
Senior UX Designer Mastery of UX process and toolkit
Designs holistic experiences with big picture strategy.
Uses frameworks and hypothesis-based approach
Tackles undefined complex projects
Leads projects from beginning to end
Owns and influences key metrics
Drives alignment via design facilitation and presentation skills
Synthesizes multiple inputs and feedback from stakeholders into a cohesive approach
Mentor junior designers and onboards other in projects
Key Dexterity

Technical skill

Get stuff done: grit, follow-through, shipping code


Communication & Leadership