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Architecture And Design

At DoubleGDP, we use ADR to communicate Architecture Concepts and Decisions. Not everything is an ADR and they usually contains changing design concepts that will affect the team .

Design Guidelines


  • All designs must have a mobile view and a desktop view(if applicable).
  • All interfaces must be consistent.
  • All pages with lists must include pagination with a limit of 50 items per page.
  • Everything should be shareable via a link(tabs state, modal state, pagination state).
  • All mutations with side effects must have a loading state to show a user that an action is taking place.
  • We use Figma with the material-ui plugin

Input form Guidelines

  • When building a form soliciting user input (ie: collecting transaction information and such), required fields should be marked with an asterisk.
  • Before submitting the form to the backend, a check for all required form must be perfomed and errors reported on a field by field basis.
    • input_error_handling
  • successfully submitting a form must result in a green snackbar with the successful operation message
  • When a submitted form results in an error, a red snackbar must be presented with a LEGIBLE message that anyone can understand.
  • during the submission process, a progress indicator must be presented for the duration of the operation.

Currency handling

To make sure that amount of money is well formatted and follows community currency we use the Intl.NumberFormat. - Always make sure the currency is handled per community - Remember to use the formatMoney(currencyData, amount) function everywhere we are rendering amount of money in the application currencyData is an object that contains currency(ZMW) and locale(en-ZM)

Error Codes From GraphQL

List of Error codes returned by GraphQL when an issue occurs:

Error Code Description