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Engineer's Corner

Responsibility of an Engineer

Pick up an issue and you own it. You will be responsible for :

  1. Writing the feature

  2. Ensuring the code gets reviewed properly. GitLab is setup to have 2 approval before merging

  3. Merging the code to master - once the MR is merged, the code is deployed on staging

  4. Testing proper function in staging

  5. Update the deployment scripts for new critical uses cases.

  6. Getting Sign-off from another Engineer.

  7. Pushing to production - and of course - ensuring the feature functions properly in production.

General Meeting Etiquette

  • Always have the video on.
  • The only exception is when the connection is bad
  • be on time.
  • Always read the agenda ahead of time.
  • Always have the agenda open during the meeting.
  • Help take notes in the agenda.

End of day Sync

The agenda for the end of sync meeting is here:

  • Write in the time based agenda what you did today, and what you are going to work on tomorrow.
    • Add links to the tickets you worked on.
    • Give enough context for what you did and what will work on.
  • If you need to discuss a topic with the team, write the topic or question in the agenda.
  • This meeting is not optional and you must attend.
  • The end of day sync will be used primary for removing blockers.

1-1 Meeting Format

Everyone in engineering have a weekly 1-1 with their direct supervisor to discuss whatever topics are on their mind. And each meeting must have an agenda which follows the rolling format outline here:

  • Add topics and discussions items at least 10 minutes before the meeting (engineer and direct manager).

  • Please have a section of 'What's on your mind?'

  • If neither (engineer and direct manager) have nothing to discuss, then 1-1 is cancelled for that week.

Guidelines for Interviewing Engineers

I am a DoubleGDP Engineer and I am interviewing an engineer like me, What do I do?

  • Come prepared

  • Read the candidate 's resume with care and note the areas you like and the areas where you want clarification.

  • Depending on the tech stack, review the questions list for the appropriate stack to get you in thinking about insightful questions you want to ask the candidate. The questions list are just a guide to help you. You are not required to used it (although everyone does.)

    • General ReactJS. Questions list that we can ask engineers during an interview can be found here -- Probably shamelessly compiled from other web sites.

    • General Rails (Coming Soon)

  • If the candidate has been given a Coding Challenge, you must

    • Complete the coding Challenge yourself and that you understand it completely.
    • Install the candidate's coding challenge on your environment, make sure the project runs and study the code so that you can ask questions.
    • How was the install process documented?
    • Was the code clean? Did the code went through a Linter?
    • Was the code readable ?
    • Was there Unit tests? What about Code coverage?
    • Compare your findings with the seniority of the position.
  • You can find the coding challenges here:

  • After The Interview

  • Go to

  • Fill out the evaluation form.
  • Discuss your observations with the hiring manager , but no one else until everyone in the interviewer group have completed their evaluations in Greenhouse.

Support Coverage

When engineering members take time off for more than a day, engineering member must ensure their duties are transfered to another member to ensure business continuation. transfer the responsibility if: - You are in charge of leading team meetings. - You are usually 'on call' schedule

How to transfer
  • Create a ticket in the handbook to handover the responsibility and assign it to you and the individual you are transfering the responsibility to.
  • The ticket should include a hand off meeting and description of responsibilities