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KPIs for Engineering

We are firm beleivers of measuring successes and failures. And most times, what gets measured and communicated will improve over time.

At DoubleGDP, we measure a few data points over time to make sure we can consistently improve and spot trouble some trends before becoming unruly. Some data points are measured constantly, and a overall data summary is compiled at the end of every week.

The KPIs are reported on the Engineering Dashboard

Production Performance KPIs (Measured Weekly)

  • Rollbar(What we use for our Errors and log aggregator) Issues Count - Lower is better

  • Production Issue (What is reported by users in production) Count - Lower is better

Sprint Performance KPIs (Measured Weekly)

  • Rails code Coverage (Weekly)

  • Blended Coverage (Weekly)

  • Merge Request Count (Weekly)

  • How many times we pushed to Production (Weekly)

  • Number of Stories in Sprint (set every 2 weeks)

  • Number of Stories completed during the week

  • Sprint Success Ratio - set every 2 weeks

  • Number of Stories completed during the sprint/Number of Stories in Sprint
  • Exclude Production issue

  • Bugs Count - found during the week (Weekly)