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Story Complexity


Estimating the complexity of a story is a constant struggle because each team member have a slightly different skillset so each member vote based on what they know. Often, estimations end up varying widly. In addition, the exercise is repeated everytime a story need to be evaluated, which is often time during backlog refinement and/or sprint planning.

Complexity Weight

We weigh our complexity with the number of days we think a story will take to finish:

Gitlab Weight Label Description
1 Low 5 hours of work
2 Medium 9 hours work
3 High 18 Hours worth of work
Too big X-High > 18 hours of work - Story is too big - Must be smaller

Complexity Map

The complexity map is a set of predefined attributes associating the story with its complexity. This is a work in progress, but it is has helped engineers find consensus among themselves.

Low Medium High X-High
Add a card on the screen feature that needs some work on both back end and front end Work that requires updating a feature in production that is high risk and/or visibility. TODO
Adding a link or routing to a button Needs some changes done to the logic of the app (back end) Requires external api’s/Requires third-party integration/and external integration TODO
Cosmetic changes(ie: Update to fonts and icons) Working on a full small feature with a minimum of one day effort and half a day of testing. Involves db migrations TODO
Changes happen in 1-2 files in the code base. Affects more than 3 ruby files (test files not included) Requires change of mutations or table structure TODO
An independent task that takes less than 4 hours to implement and test Affects multiple screens Includes change of current architecture of a specific existing feature. TODO
Affects more than 6 react files Has multiple screens and Has front end and backend work TODO
Has data security implications (third party APIs accessing DGDP data). TODO

Gitlab Voting

In the story itself, developers do vote by adding a numbered reaction Emoji to the story:


To Vote: Use retrieving emoji
1 image-20200722185410847 Type:one, then scroll at the end of the list.
2 image-20200722185020079 Type: two
3 image-20200722185459845 Type: three
Xtra humongous image-20200722185554022 type: whale

After voting, the average of the results is entered in the 'weight' field in gitlab.