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Product Overview


DoubleGDP is an end-to-end platform for planned communities to connect with residents, accelerate growth, and deliver responsive public services. Residents use our one-stop portal to access services and interact with their neighbors to foster civic engagement, encourage social connection and build thriving communities. Community administrators utilize our central hub of purpose-built productivity tools to manage all the processes necessary to launch, grow and sustain the communities of the future.

Core Value Propositions

While our platform offers a versatile featureset that is capable of serving the needs of planned communities at all stages of development, its core value stems from the unique ability to help customers:

  1. Market their city and sell its land
  2. Streamline administrative processes and eliminate red tape
  3. Build connection between residents, community members and administrators
  4. Create a unified digital hub for traditionally siloed services

Product Vision

This diagram provides a high-level overview of how core DoubleGDP productivity tools, third-party software solutions, and custom-built apps can work together to meet the unique needs of planned communities big and small.

Platform as a Hub

Pricing & Features

We have three product tiers available to subscribers. Pricing and features for each tier are available on our website.

Our internal pricing spreadsheet has more detail about the history of our pricing and how it relates to our company goals.