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Product Approach


We adhere to the following principles as we build and grow our product offering:
1. Iterate – Scope down large problems. We take thousands of small steps and guide ourselves based on what features get used.
2. Avoid Premature Optimization - We often start by doing things manually, then progressively automate. We maintain a bias toward immediate action which helps us avoid wasting resources, especially in situations where we have incomplete information.
3. Build Mobile First – Every interaction with our product should be possible and comfortable on a mobile device.
4. Simplify - Be simple and straightforward in language and UI. We aim to concisely describe concepts in language that can be easily understood.
5. Prioritize Convention over Configuration – Wherever possible, create product workflows that require configuration only when someone wants to explicitly override a default. We intend for most users to be able to use our product "out of the box" without customization.
6. Follow Industry Paradigms - Nothing we’re doing hasn’t been done before. Our value and where our critical thought should be is in integrating ideas from various tools into a cohesive whole.
7. Create Reliable Data – Every action in our system should be logged so that data can be relied on and changes can be audited. We should have minimal required input fields to avoid capturing junk data.
8. Be Transparent and Encourage Feedback - Nearly all of our work is open and public which allows everyone to operate with the same information. This also enables our subscribers to provide the most relevant feedback as part of our iterative process.