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Product Communications

Product Documentation

Product documentation is located in a gDrive folder.

Product Roadmap

The product roadmap provides us visibility into our broader product vision and how our iterations and sprints build to larger features through Epics.

The roadmap can be found here:

  • Epics or larger features are categorized under 3+ month, 2 months, or 1 month
  • Stories within these Epics are moved to Active Planning when the team begins scoping the story for future sprint
  • Once a task is ready to be considered for an upcoming sprint, it is moved to one of the upcoming milestones of the sprint planning board. (Found here:
  • Tags are used extensively in stories for reporting and tracking. Frequently used tags include "Sprint Priority" for all stories that are active in the current sprint, "Spike" for research stories, "Bug" to mark 'Please Fix me' issues.

Product Sprint Updates

We plan for and complete our product development work on a two week sprint cycle.

Product sprint updates are provided every two weeks along with the rest of the company and are posted publicly on our Youtube channel. Product Management's sprint update presentation is available publicly.

The product sprint update includes the following:

  • High priority areas of product focus for current sprint
  • High priority areas of product focus for upcoming sprint
  • Head of Product's explanation of the "why" behind these focus areas
  • Metrics or stats to show adoption and use in product priority areas

Note: Product management sprint work focuses on planning for features and improvements that will be built in later sprints by the engineering team. Often we work 1-2 sprints ahead of engineering as prioirties shift.

Product Release Notes

We distribute a written summary of new features at the end of each sprint. The aim is to make this easy to create and distribute -- approximately one phrase or sentence per feature released in the sprint. Here is the process for creating this output:

  1. Engineering populates the "Release Notes" field on each push to production
  2. At the end of the sprint, PM curates that list and format for external consumption [due Wed at noon PT -- alongside the PM sprint video]
  3. CEO leverages that list as input to his Sprint Update Slides
  4. PM distributes the notes to customers as part of the Sprint Updates